How to spot your perfect Real Estate CRM?

Every real estate agent knows that a CRM (Client  Relationship Management) solution is important for running their business.  The problem is that it’s not easy to use or it just takes too much time to manage.  The impact is lost opportunities with old clients, referrals from your contacts, or even reaching out to previous prospects.  Based on interviews with real estate coaches, here are 4 key things to look for in a CRM that will help you build your business.


Dealing with numerous listings, requests and inquiries can be tough, especially when you’re weighing out who you need to be following up with first. This is where the segmentation help’s brings you more deals.  Focusing on your Spheres (segmented contacts) results in upwards of 30% to 40% higher conversion rates than buying junk lists! Your Real Estate CRM should have the capability to break down or divide your leads into sections based on specific qualifiers or parameters. Some of those qualifiers might include budget, goal, profession, special needs, pre-approval status, urgency of your lead to buy or sell, etc. Aside from those, you should also be able to determine whether you’re dealing with cold, warm, or hot leads, without having to re-categorize every day.  Most importantly, a smart real estate CRM should bring to the table the ability to automatically capture and store countless sums of customer data (Name, Address,E-mail, Phone Number, and Mobile Number), in a very easy way, which will save you huge amount of time in doing data entry.


When it comes to real estate, every busy agent knows that having streamline process to build your database, organize your contacts, follow up consistently, and work seamlessly through transactions is no piece of cake. Now, beyond the above, try learning a complex CRM (Client Relationship Management) system on top of it all, and THEN remembering to log in and use it every day. CRM’s are excellent investments, but only if you have an easy way to get information in, and out, in a meaningful way. With that said, we’re giving you tips on how to spot a real estate CRM that requires as little of your time possible, instead of one with every bell and whistle under the sun.
fieldnotes ai - How to spot your perfect Real Estate CRM?


Your Real Estate CRM should always have the capability to be accessible — even when you’re outside the office — using varied devices such as laptops and mobile devices. This will give you assurance that your never too far from insights on your clients and what that last conversation was like.


Real estate solely relies on customer relationships. We all know that mining too much on your leads, accommodating every ounce of their requests can be too time consuming and tiresome, which may lead to nothing ever getting done, including follow up. This is why it is so important to have a method to automate certain aspects of follow up, which allow you to continue operating in a busy day, while still getting that follow up out in real time – without loging in to a database to do so. Automated follow up takes the thinking out of it sometimes, so stop it with the analysis paralysis please, automation is here, and in fact, you might even look for a CRM with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The best CRM is the only one that you will use....

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