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Just Getting Started?

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Organizing your data

This section is to help you organize your contact database so that you can grow your business by using a simple and effective database.

Sparky will take the information that you share and he updates the contact database for you.  Take a look at the fields within the Contact page and see all the fields that Sparky will update for you:  client name, contact information, family profile and buying profile are just a few pieces of information.

Besides using Sparky to manage your contact list, categorize your client list based on Sphere of Influence, Sales readiness or Referral Source. 

By categorizing your list, you can manage your contacts more effectively into key relevant groups.  For example, you would manage a repeat client differently than a warm lead….

Sparky will capture all your messages that you send.  It will store it under your Contact Details.  Notes of meetings or any updates will be stored in the Notes tab and any action items or events will be stored under the Tasks tab.

Managing your follow-ups

This section is to help ensure that you are following up with your contacts.  By leveraging Sparky, you will never miss a single follow-up with a client.

You should always use Sparky to capture any relevant piece of information about your client.  This includes follow-up activities or meetings because you can always refer back on the details of interactions with your client.  It’s no longer sitting somewhere on a sticky note or lost in your calendar.

Yes, Sparky can create recurring events like weekly or monthly meetings up to 12 times.  Ex. “Sparky, remind me weekly on Mondays at 9am to have coffee with CONTACT

Yes, it can.  Simply let Sparky know through text or email that your calendar event has moved for your contact.  It will update it immediately. Ex. “Sparky, for CONTACT, move my meeting from Tuesday @ 9am to 2pm”

You have several options to mark off your completed tasks:

*In the daily email, click on DONE in the email body

*You can check-off done in the Dashboard or Task List

*Tell Sparky to mark it off complete: “Sparky, for CONTACT, mark complete for TASK

Once a task has been marked completed, it will be removed off the list.  No more forgetting the To Do’s.

You can create a customized workflow by using the Action Plan feature.  Please see below for more details on how to use it.

Transaction Management

Sparky will identify all the key transaction dates for you so that you don’t forget key deadlines.  Help ensure that your transaction goes smoothly!

When you send Sparky a mutually accepted agreement, Sparky can identify the key transaction dates for each transaction.  These include the following:

* Escrow Money Due

* Finance Contingency

* Septic/Well Water Contingency

* Inspection Contingency

* Identification of Utilities

* Close of Escrow

To learn more, visit our Transaction Management page

Simply email Sparky the purchase agreement with the mutual acceptance date identified.  That’s it!  Sparky will take it from there and process the transaction.  He will enter all those key due dates on your calendar and even email you daily reminders!

Very accurate.  Each transaction also goes through a review by our QA team to ensure that it is accurate.  However, it is important that you also confirm the information provided.  This is an informational service, not meant to provide legal contractual information. 

It usually takes until end of the business day to complete the processing of a purchase agreement.  It has to go through a QA review before Sparky publishes the transaction dates.  

Action Plans

Action Plans helps you to ensure that with your busy schedule, your client activities do not fall through the cracks and forgotten. 

Action Plans can help you to remember all the sequence of events that you need to do for each of your client.  Using Action Plans, you will ensure that things are not dropped and you are consistently following up with your clients.

By default, we have added a set of predefined Actions Plans including:

  • Lead Conversion
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Seller Listing
  • Buyer Under Contract
  • Seller Under Contract

By leveraging Action Plans, you have a process that you can always follow-up consistently.  We have leveraged the best practices created by the Top 5% of the real estate agents.  Take advantage of their process and methods to build your business!

Yes, Field Notes provide a set of predefined Action Plans that help you to optimize your activities.  You can also customize those activities or create a new set of Action Plans.

A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • We recommend that you set no more than 8 activities for each Action Plan so that you are not overwhelmed by all the tasks.
  • Maintain keeping up with your task lists.  If it’s been completed, make sure that you mark it off as Done on your task list.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@fieldnotes.ai

It’s quite simple and intuitive.  Here are 3 easy steps to using Action Plans:

  1. Define your Action Plans:  Add the tasks and assign those tasks to either the default contact owner or a designated team member.
  2. Trigger the Action Plans:  Click on the lightning bolt to trigger the Action Plan that you want to assign to your contacts.  Alternatively, you can use Sparky to activate an Action Plan by saying, “Sparky, assign Fred Smith to First Time Home Buyer action plan”
  3. View Progress:  Once the Action Plans have been activated, you can view the progress by navigating to the Action Plan to view the Assignments

Once you have triggered Action Plans for your contacts, you will see all the tasks generated on your Task List and your calendar.

Working in a team

Work together in a team environment to collaborate on client activities and contact information.

Yes, FieldNotes can support the team environments.  Whether you have a team with an assistant or a team of agents, FieldNotes can support you.  You can set it up to share the team client list and assign team members to certain clients.

To set it up, talk to your Customer Success Manager or email support.

You can assign each user as an Admin or User. 

Admin:  You can view all the tasks and contacts of all others. 

User: You can view only the contacts that you own.  You also view the tasks that you have been assigned to.  

Yes, you can do that.  Simply go to the contact (under Manage Contacts), click on the Reassign button () to assign to another team member.  Alternatively, you can tell Sparky to assign a contact (ex. “Sparky, assign CONTACT to TEAM MEMBER.”)

Yes.  As the team lead, you are assigned to an Admin role.  You have the ability to toggle between your view and the Team View.

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